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TYNN SILK MOHAIR by Sandnes Garn

About this product:

Tynn Silk Mohair is our thin variant of Silk Mohair and is a soft and luxurious blend of the finest mohair, wool and silk. The yarn is thin and goes a long way. If you knit with Tynn Silk Mohair using one or more strands, you will get a light, airy and luxurious garment. If you use Tynn Silk Mohair as an accompanying strand together with other yarns, you will get an exciting result and good hold in any garment.

Mohair is wool from the Angora goat. This goat breed has long, silky-smooth, and curly wool fibers. Ordinary wool is added to give the yarn resilience and volume. The silk adds strength and shine while holding the fibers together when the yarn is brushed. The result is a soft, light and airy yarn with a fuzzy texture.

For machine washing, we recommend that all wool garments be washed separately on a wool program, to ensure the gentlest treatment. Centrifuge well and dry the garment flat, preferably on top of a towel. Never use a laundry bag when washing hand-knitted wool garments. This creates friction that can cause the garment to felt.

  • Yardage: Approx. 212 meters per 25 grams
  • Knitting Needles: Knitting Needle-5
  • Knitting tension: 18 sts = 10 cm, 19 sts = 10 cm, 20 sts = 10 cm, 21 sts = 10 cm, 22 sts = 10 cm, 24 sts = 10 cm
  • Origin of raw material: Silk from China, Mohair from South-Africa, Mohair from South-Africa
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